Prajavani By Collector




Effective G 2 C interface

Use of local language – Telugu

Cut down Centralization

Ensure Quick Response

Ensure Quality of Response

Thus make a SMART District Governance through e-Governance


Gives application at kiosk

Forwarded to call center

Marked to officer with due date

Info to applicant : to whom marked and time limit

Officer to feed in response

See response at kiosk

Features of Prajavani:

Completely Web based easy to access for officers and service providers

Entire application in Telugu

Public Private Partnership is also possible

Self employment opportunity for Rural Youth is possible

Only a PC with internet is needed at dept.s.

Provision for extension of time

Provision for interim replies

Provision for linked appeal

Continuous monitoring through call center


No Need to come to the Collectorate

Thus saves lot of time and money

Officers to feed in response

See responses at kiosk

Officers can be monitored at various levels

Centrally based web application for the entire State

Available at Mandal level

Can go down to village level

Quality of response is monitored by the applicant himself

Built in officer wise monitoring and appraisal system

Inherently automated process

SRI S.A.M. Rizvi, I.A.S.

Collector & District Magistrate, Krishna.

Phone: Machilipattanam : Off : 08672-252668, Res: 08672-252000 / 252222, Fax: 08672-252401

Vijayawada: Off & Fax: 0866-2478090, 2481555

Cell: 9849903958