Grama darshani is intended for reviewing the activities of Aganwadi centers, sub centers, fair price shops, Schools and Hostels and improvement of the systems through corrective measures by the respective departmental officials.

The team comprising of Nodal Officer, Mandal Development Officer, Tahsildar, Mandal Educational Officer, ICDS supervisor and Medical Officer visits a Panchayat on every Friday. The Panchayat Secretary, Village Revenue Officer and ANM would participate in the programme along with the team.

The schedule of visit of the team to the grampanchayats will be picked up using randomisation method on Friday morning at 08.00 AM. The name of the panchayat supposed to be visited by the mandal team, will be sent to the team members through SMS from Collector. The MPDO/Tahsildar/ICDS supervisors have to inform to panchayat secretary/VillageRevenueOfficer/Anganwadi Worker respectively by 09.00 AM on Friday morning.

The team visits Anganwadi centers, sub center, Fair price shops, all schools under Government/ ZP/MPP/aided categories and Hostels, if existing in that panchayat /village. The team collects the information in the proformae/ check list and computarisation would be done at MPDO office. The District Collector/Joint Collector/Additional Joint Collector would visit the panchayats and verify the correctness of the data on the ground. If any gaps/deviations are found, severe action will be taken against the officers concerned. Kindly ensure that data should represent the ground realities. Utmost care should also be taken while feeding the check list/proformae.

Petitions will be accepted from the public, whoever is interested to submit. There is no specific platform to receive the petitions. The individual petitions will be entered by the MPDO Office on Friday evening by 05.00 PM through Prajavani software by giving grade B for gramadarshini petitions. The original petitions received in gramadarshani programme should be forwarded to the officers concerned and ensure their delivery. The acknowledgements for the receipt of the petitions have to be handed over to the petitioners on Saturday morning through VRO/Panchayat Secretary without fail.