Diviseema Political History

Political Avanigadda:

Politics in Avanigadda are always interesting. Starting from 1960s, the Congress Party had the upperhand, but soon with the entry of Telugu Desam (1983) the scenario changed and it came under Telugu Desam (TDP). It was in 1999 again the congress won, mainly because of division between TDP local Leaders. In 2004 also it was the same case in TDP and again Congress won easily. There are also large number of supporters for Megastar’s Party.

  Poll statistics for Avanigadda from 1952

Year           Name                           party                           Votes 

2009    [Ambati Brahmanaiah]    T.D.P             Approx. 450

2004     M. Buddaprasad               Congress                      52369

1999     M. Buddaprasad               Congress                       41919

1994     S. Satyanarayana             T.D.P.                            45507

1989     S. Satyanarayana             T.D.P.                            40549

1985     S. Satyanarayana             T.D.P.                           36165

1983    M. Venkatakrishnarao     Congress.                      24852

1978    M. Venkatakrishnarao     Congress                      30396

1972    M. Venkatakrishnarao      Congress                     Unanimus

1967    Y. Sivaram prasad            Congress                      24318

1962    Y. Sivaram prasad           Congress                       29304

1955    M. Rajeswararao              Congress                      61128

1955    Y. Sivaramprasad             Congress                    58444

1952    C.H. Ramalingaiah             CPI                              46864