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   ప్రగతి BED,TET,TTC,DSC కోచింగ్ విద్యా సంస్థలు

Pragathi is one of the Best,and most popular Training  coaching Center in Andhra Pradesh at Avanigadda .Thousands of peoples got the  Govt job through this institute.Because of this institute only diviseema is very popular in the public. It offered following courses for the students.

1. B.E.D  2.T.T.C , 3. T.E.T , 4. D.S.C

Contact Information:

office phone numbers:

Land  no: 08671-272474, 272475, 273761

Mobile no: 9985179476, 9885272474,9440320034

visit the below link for more information about pragathi


2. Sri Pragna T.T.C , B.E.D, D.S.C , T.E.T Training Center-Avanigadda

Sri Pragna is one of the Most popular Coaching center in Andhra Pradesh,at Avanigadda. It offered following courses for the students

1. T.T.C 2.B.E.D 3.T.E.T 4.D.S.C

Contact Information:

Sri Pragna T.T.C , B.E.D, D.S.C, T.ET Training Center- Avanigadda

Office Phone Numbers:

Mobile No’s : 9440715393,



3.Vidya Niketan  T.T.C , B.E.D,D.S.C, T.E.T  Training Center-Avanigadda

 Vidya niketan is one of the Best  Coaching center in Andhra Pradesh, at Avanigadda (Diviseema) in Krishna District. It offered following courses for the students .

1. T.T.C , 2.B.E.D,  3.D.S.C,4.T.E.T

Contact Information:

Vidya Niketan T.T.C, B.E.D, D.S.C, T.E.T  Training Center  – Avanigadda

office Phone Numbers:

Land No: 08671-273838

Mobile No’s:9440104963,